About Ryan


16 years of professional experience in the field of applied software technologies. I am known for “getting in the shoes of the user”, and thriving under pressure. I have earned award winning recognition both from the private sector and higher echelons of the DoD. I have designed and implemented on-line interactive GUIs and Web presentations for such notable clients as Synthes, SureFire, Olausen Billiards, San Diego Union Tribune, Matthews|Evans|Albertazzi, Jabra, Cobblestone Golf Group, Inc, SPAWAR, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, The F.B.I., and USDA.

I do the sort of thing that you might get out of an ad agency but less expensively. I am a web developer with strong graphic design skills. I design web pages from the ground up, create or work with existing templates, create logos and/or work well with existing branding, produce both print and digital product brochures, help you discern product development roadmaps, and summarize competitive data in a number of ways, including perceptual maps. I love putting statistics and visuals together and paying close attention to a client’s needs.

Ryan was SOLELY responsible for developing and maintaining all the branding elements—web and print—for a multi-million-user software system we developed for the Department of Defense. He will do whatever it takes to get the job done, literally under any circumstance or constraint. He has always led his peers with top-notch performance and results.

~Mike Jennings
Former Top Gun Instructor
Retired Captain, U.S. Navy.


I’ve always been a self starter; ideas drive me.  I’ve been working with the Unreal Engine since 2000, but before the Unreal engine was taught at universities and art colleges, you had to teach yourself: Study the professional level Epic maps, experiment, go on the Unreal Wiki, reverse engineer and scour the forums for hours and hours. You didn’t wait for someone to teach you; you wanted your ideas out there sooner than later. I would build my maps and then upload them for playing, and then haunt every server I could find them. I would watch, take notes, asked questions. Then I’d go back and make more changes, add or take away lights, size up or size down the scale of an entire map, re-path and rebuild for better bot play, or sometimes completely rebuild the map altogether, and resubmit it.

I love creating, building, designing and enjoying seeing people play my creations. I’m really into analyzing game play, and I’ll chew your ear off asking for your opinion.

If I’m not spending my time after work studying programming to become a stronger backend developer, I’m usually reading to my children and doing projects with them. At night I spend time producing a joint animated short/illustrated book. Whenever we can, we play with SketchUp and Maya, work with the Unreal Engine and practice coding with Alice.
Ryan Johnson D. © copyright 2012
References available by request | online resume available at ryanjohnsond.wordpress.com

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